Motivations for using Grindr against Additional features. Four queries analyzed sexual health details seeking of people

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Motivations for using Grindr against Additional features. Four queries analyzed sexual health details seeking of people

Motivations for using Grindr against Additional features. Four queries analyzed sexual health details seeking of people

YMSM comprise requested to call their particular advantages for using three types of engineering: Grindr, myspace, and gay-oriented internet dating internet (e.g., Manhunt, Adam4Adam). A summary of reasons is produced from CAB and provided listed here motives: which will make brand new close friends, to satisfy men and women to connect to, in order to satisfy visitors to big date, to a€?kill experience,a€? to connect to the gay society, to locate individuals to use components with, to speak with face-to-face pals, for connecting with others from the history, so to connect to parents. An open-ended response group granted YMSM to nominate some other reasons to be used, which were consequently flattened into before active groups if appropriate. Those open-ended replies might not collapsed into previously provide areas is described in phrases. In the end, YMSM had been questioned to select her first basis for utilizing each specific technology.

Sexual Health Data In Search Of

Four inquiries analyzed reproductive health know-how seeking of individuals. Two dichotomously scored goods evaluated whether members experienced ever used the net to obtain information regarding HIV/AIDS and other STIs and whether players had have ever used the websites to uncover which place to go for an HIV experience (0=No, 1=Yes). Next, members were questioned if they got obtained info on HIV/AIDS or sexual health from any of the following resources: doctors, family, partners, tv, websites, STI/HIV clinics, mobile phone investigation vans, or other sites. At long last, members happened to be asked the origin the two went to most frequently for the informatioin needed for HIV/AIDS or sexual health within the variety above.

Past HIV Prevention Involvement

Members were requested whether they experienced ever before participated in an HIV prohibition lessons or training about HIV prevention, other than in school (0=No, 1=Yes). If you are, participants were asked for clover reviews how long it turned out as they took part in that program (1=Within 30 days, 2=More than 30 days but not as much as half a year, 3=6 season to 1 season, 4=Greater than one year) and their enjoyment with that program (1=Very unhappy, 2=Unsatisfied, 3=Neither content or dissatisfied, 4=Satisfied, 5=Very satisfied).

Acceptability of HIV Anticipation Programming

Players had been requested whether or not they would-be prepared to grab a course about HIV deterrence in-person and/or online (0=No, 1=Yes), if in case they’d be ready to participate in in a HIV anticipation course shipped via a smartphone software (0=No, 1=Yes).

Data Study

Data had been evaluated utilizing SPSS, variant 19 (46). Bivariate assessments of connections were utilized to determine whether there were differences in inspirations for making use of Grindr versus myspace and Grindr versus internet dating web pages. Chi-square and t-tests are furthermore regularly try for groups between willingness to participate in in smartphone app-delivered HIV prevention packages and demographic characteristics, HIV evaluation records, and sex-related threat behaviors.



At most 195 people completed the net survey. Mean age individuals ended up being 22 several years (SD=1.7) as well as the bulk got accomplished at least some school degree (85%). Forty % with the players identified as whiten, 33% as Latino, ten percent as Asian/Pacific Islander, and 5percent Black/African United states. Two-thirds reported getting now implemented and 62per cent noted becoming element of houses generating over $20,000 every year. The vast majority of identified as gay (87percent), described durable fascination to men (86%), and were over to associates, people, brothers and sisters, as well as others (94%). Eighty-seven per cent of individuals noted becoming individual at the time of the research. Table we includes playersa€™ full demographic info.

Table We

Descriptive stats of YMSM Grindr owners in l . a . (N=195)

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