Getting married in Victoria. One of the celebrants within Victorian Nuptials Registry

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Getting married in Victoria. One of the celebrants within Victorian Nuptials Registry

Getting married in Victoria. One of the celebrants within Victorian Nuptials Registry

To have hitched in Victoria, you need to:

  • Satisfy qualification obligations
  • Hotel a the time to find out proposed Nuptials (NOIM)
  • Generally be partnered by a recorded municipal marriage celebrant or an authorised minister of institution
  • Has 2 witnesses enroll in your wedding ritual.

If you want to come married within Victorian Matrimony Registry:

Same sexual intercourse relationships

In Australia, the law enables marriage between both opposite-sex and same-sex partners.


You could marry in Victoria should you be:

  • Outdated 18 many years or older, or
  • Between 16 and 18 years old, marrying somebody that’s about 18 years.

If you should be 16 or 17 yrs old, when you get married you need to get:

  • a writ from an evaluate or magistrate enabling wedding ceremony, and
  • Penned consent from the folks.
  • Staying currently hitched to some other person
  • Marry a detailed general (mother, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister).

Resort A The Time To Find Out Anticipated Nuptials

You need to lodge a the time to find out Intended relationship (NOIM) at least one calendar month before marriage ceremony meeting.

Celebrants and ministers

Marriages in Victoria must done by an authorised celebrant, instance:

  • One of the celebrants right at the Victorian Marriage Registry
  • Territory officers at some local surfaces (get hold of your regional court for info)
  • Commonwealth-registered matrimony celebrants (witness Australian administration Attorney-General’s team site (additional url) for a subscriber base)
  • Ministers of faith of recognized denominations.


The Marriage work 1961 while the Matrimony rules regulate union around australia. The two determine certain requirements that a married relationship ceremony must satisfy.

The design and style and duration of the ritual is perfectly up to we. You could potentially pick:

  • A basic wedding that features simply the legal requirement
  • A lengthier ritual.

Your celebrant or minister will confirm the text your ritual must contain.

There’s really no ready fee for a wedding ritual in Victoria. Ensure prices really celebrant or minister before scheduling your wedding day.

Witnesses your marriage

You want two witnesses at your wedding party, that:

  • Watch the wedding
  • Evidence the marriage vouchers.

Witnesses tends to be any family member or friend that a minimum of 18 years old.

Proof of nuptials

On the wedding, you’ll receive a commemorative relationships certificates. It isn’t really the same as a legitimate union certification and generally can’t be used for recognized usage as proof their wedding.

Once your marriage are recorded (your celebrant or minister can do this), it is possible to sign up for a legitimate relationships certification.

Varying your label

Typically, you do not have get a big change of name to battle your better half’s relatives title. Discover altering your identity after relationships, split or split up.

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